• Human immunoglobulin 5%

  • Useful in primary immunodeficiency states when high level or rapid elevation of circulating antibodies are desired

  • Plays an active role in various anti-inflammatory and immunomodulatory activities

  • Crosses blood vessels and placenta even in pregnant women and thus protects the unborn fetus and newborn baby

  • Available in 100 mL vial


  • Human serum albumin 5% and 20%

  • Emergency treatment of conditions where the restoration of blood volume is urgent

  • Available in 100 mL vial


  • Snake venom antiserum lyophilised powder for injections

  • Antidote for snake venom

  • Neutralizes the poisonous venom of the cobra and causes the venom to be released from the receptor site

  • Frees the receptor site to interact with acetylcholine molecule and normalizes respiration

  • Lyophilized technology ensures longer shelf life

  • Available as 10 mL solution

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